Daily News Brief: Thursday March 29, 2018


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National News Round Up:

  1. MPRNEWS – Sessions pushes to speed up immigration courts, deportations: The Trump administration has been trying to ramp up deportations… – http://bit.ly/2GF7sxN.


  1. THE HILL – Zuckerberg disavows memo pushing user growth above all else: Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday issued a statement condemning an internal memo issued by his longtime business partner… – http://bit.ly/2GlRsNV.


  1. ZERO HEDGE – Facebook Ends Cooperation With “Third Party” Data Providers Including TransUnion, Experian: Facebook is making an unprecedented effort to reassure its billions of users… – http://bit.ly/2Gl0Khr.


  1. The White House – Rising LNG exports a sign Trump administration’s infrastructure policies are paying off: State and local leaders are being empowered by President Donald Trump to decide… – http://bit.ly/2GoiWCL.


  1. Conservative Political Cartoons: http://bit.ly/2GWElDQ.