Why Support Us?


Who we are

In late 2017, a group of us from the Twin Cities Area formed a Super Political Action Committee (PAC) and began forming State PACs to go along with it. The mission of these PACs is to solicit small donors who had given up on politics because nobody would listen to them. We want to support candidates that value Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Private Property Rights. Candidates who listen to their voters and will work to bring back Prosperity for all Americans.

Right Now USA Super PAC Gives Main Street a HUGE Voice

Right Now USA Super PAC is a non-profit Political Action Committee whose vision is to assist in the creation of a future full of endless opportunities for our families, children, and grandchildren. We are an organization that advocates on behalf of the 99% of Americans whose needs are not being met by the current crop of politicians. Our focus is on reducing the size of government in a way that maintains our country’s excellence while eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse of the public’s trust. We want to support politicians that favor public policy that aids the 99%; in formulating tax policy, regulatory policy, financial policy and fiscal and monetary policy all play a role in strengthening the 99%’s prosperity. As a community focused organization, we want to see our economy grow and our wages increase so we can improve our quality of life and strengthen our country for generations to come.

Right Now USA Super PAC’s mission is to advance the issues of smaller government, lower taxes, economic growth, favorable public policy for the 99%, private property rights, and smart deregulation. Our goal is to move the country forward and to be the driving force in the debate on how our country will maintain its greatness for generations to come. We support the issues over the politicians who cater to the interests of corporations and the 1%.

Right Now USA Super PAC helps raise money for Libertarian and Conservative causes while generating independent expenditures in order to educate voters on the issues our country is facing. Independent expenditures are the normal expenditures of a campaign. They would include digital educational messaging, mailings, radio, television, polling, door knocking, phoning, get out the vote campaigns. However, we cannot and will not coordinate with any candidate’s campaign, or any political party’s operations. We will be independent and will not owe anything to any party or any candidate. We are only beholden to you. Right Now USA is the platform for your voice. Our plan is to support politicians who will listen to Mr. and Mrs. Mainstreet, whose voices are not being heard. With your support, we will raise donations to educate the electorate about issues impacting our country Right Now, we will support candidates who advocate for the issues we support, and we will hold candidates accountable for supporting issues and policies detrimental to our country’s continued growth and success.

The Super PAC is called Right Now USA. The State PACs are called Right Now Minnesota and are similarly designated for the other states. Please note that as of 2017, not all of the State PACs are in existence yet. It is our intention to encourage the small donor and his friends to contribute. There are plenty of big donor PACs but some of them may be part of the problem. There is very little for Mr. and Mrs. Main Street. We would like to encourage those that are able to give either $5.00 or $10.00 per month on a regular basis.

There are really four things that inspired us to create these PACs. The first is the decline in the standard of living for the 99%. I was born during the Second World War. So I had my childhood basically from the late 1940’s to the early 1960’s. Beginning in 1945, 14.5 million men and women were discharged from their various services. My father was discharged from active service as a Marine in 1946. We had a mini slow down as these men and women were assimilated back into the work force and others went back to school. These folks came home, bought houses, refrigerators, and a car. Taxes were very high to pay off the war bonds until President Kennedy dropped the top tax rate from 90% to 70%. During this period, from 1950 to 1975, a working head of household could provide for his family and put two to four kids through college. It is now 2017 and it would take 2 or more working providers to provide the same standard of living as was enjoyed in the 1960’s.

Secondly, George Soros has just given over $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations. Please Google: “Soros donates $18 billion to Open Society Foundations”. I see these Open Society Foundations as shaping our lives and the organizations they fund for generations. With the Open Society initiative as public policy; I believe that we will just keep exporting our jobs to the lowest pay scales in the world.

A third impetus for this was an innovative Super PAC that was created in 2004. In 2004 a couple of Boston scientists who were very good with computers created a Super PAC called Act Blue. This Super PAC raised only small donations and gives largely to progressive causes and candidates. Since 2004 they have raised almost $2 Billion for progressive causes. This is very well designed, works splendidly and I applaud them.

This last election cycle was very impressive. They raised $600 million dollars of which $200 million was for Bernie Sanders. Their current employment is at 40 people which is very rapid growth for a fund-raising organization. If the progressives can
raise this much money from small donors; there is little reason the conservatives and libertarians cannot do the same.

And lastly, the politicians do not seem to be responsive to the wishes of their main street constituents. Indeed, there are a number of voters who believe politicians only value them for their money.

Please Google; “politicians-admitting-obvious-fact-money-affects-vote”.

If you were to go to The Federal Elections Commission’s website; you can search for how many PAC’s there are. They are listed along with party committee reports. You will note that there are some 32,000 of these entities. Just think about it. These 32,000 entities are not about making America a better place, they are about raising money for politicians. Indeed, it is reported by CBS News that $6.8 Billion was spent on the elections of 2016. I suspect almost all of this money is from the 1% and for the benefit of the 1%. So rhetorically, the 99% is pretty much left out.

We want to change that. We want a PAC for Mr. and Mrs. Main Street to finance independent expenditures for politicians who will not only be good stewards of the taxpayers’ monies but also be representatives of the 99% as far as promoting public policy changes at the Federal and State level.

How we will achieve our goals

We ask that you join your friends in making small monthly donations to our PAC. Either $5.00 or $10.00 per month, roughly equal to a couple of Starbucks coffees. We suggest that you keep it under $16.66 per month because the identities of donors making donations to a State PAC of over $200 per year have to be disclosed to either the Federal Election Commission or the various States Election Commissions. As a PAC, we do not disclose who our donors are; but at the $200 per year level we are required to disclose your information to the various election commissions and this may be found online.

Please help spread the word

Important, should you donate, would you please click here, right away, to make three (3) copies of this letter? And pass this letter along to three of your friends that you believe would donate and ask them to join you? This is very important because this is one of the few ways we can grow.

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