Why does Main Street need a voice as a Super PAC?

Increasing economic disparity is why we represent the 99%. Economic interests out of your purview continue to drive growth by increasing money supply. What does this mean? The Federal Reserve, Banks and Government (Your Representatives) create activity to keep confidence high while the majority of the population is not represented for these decisions. Since the middle class is not well versed in global finance and economics most decisions do not improve individual wealth and wage growth.

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We are a PAC for Mr. and Mrs. Main Street to finance independent expenditures for politicians who will not only be good stewards of the taxpayers’ monies but also be representatives of the 99% as far as promoting public policy changes at the Federal and State level.

Read more about this from The Gold Telegraph  The Federal Reserve Has Done a Great Job at Destroying The Middle Class 

The Federal Reserve has been determined to create “Wealth Effects” throughout the economy since 2008, which has left the majority of Main Street on the sidelines. The Fed’s objective was to make American households feel wealthier by pushing up the valuations of stocks and bonds. However, this paper wealth mentality has worked beautifully for Wall Street and the 1% but has destroyed much of the middle class as wealth inequality continues to skyrocket…

The experiment of prolonged zero interest rates has destroyed savers and rewarded reckless spenders who have helped push household debt to unprecedented levels.