Daily News Brief: Friday April 13, 2018


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National News Round Up:


  1. MINNPOST – D.C. Memo: Longtime federal employee Paul Ryan… – http://bit.ly/2JKX9r1.


  1. THE HILL – Let’s hold Facebook to the same standards… – http://bit.ly/2HzUpvA.


  1. The White House – Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding the Pardon of I. “Scooter” Lewis Libby – http://bit.ly/2JLnyVC.


  1. PowerLine – JAMES COMEY… – http://bit.ly/2JJhpsI.


  1. TWINCITIES.COM PIONEER PRESS – House bill would make money… – http://bit.ly/2qwSfoD.


  1. THE DAILY WIRE – BREAKING: Articles Of Impeachment Drafted… – http://bit.ly/2IQQk5Q.


  1. WASHINGTON EXAMINER – These Republican lawmakers are demanding… – https://washex.am/2Hnm5pU.


  1. Conservative Political Cartoons: http://bit.ly/2Hi5FPP.