Daily News Brief: Wednesday April 11, 2018


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National News Round Up:


  1. THE HILL – Five things to watch in Pompeo’s… – http://bit.ly/2JAxwJ4.


  1. The White House – By Signing The Allow States And Victims To Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, President Donald J. Trump Provides Invaluable Tools Needed To Fight The Scourge Of Sex Trafficking – http://bit.ly/2JGbRPY.


  1. PowerLine – IN TWITTER DIPLOMACY… – http://bit.ly/2Hto61x.


  1. ZEROHEDGE – 6 Simple Reasons Why Trump… – http://bit.ly/2GPTyWv.


  1. Conservative Political Cartoons: http://bit.ly/2HhzEam.